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Oklahoma City Thunder vs Portland Trail Blazers: Game #24 Video Highlights

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Last night's marathon game between the Thunder and Trail Blazers had a variety of twists and turns that we may have already forgotten in the wake of the controversial goal-tending call at the end of regulation, or the subsequent overtime. If we think back all the way to the beginning of the game in the 1st quarter, you may recall that things didn't start out well for the Thunder. Just as with last week, the team played soft on defense, giving up shots both in the post and perimeter. Offensively they continued to turn the ball over. Fortunately, Kevin Durant recognized the slump and assumed the primary offensive role early on to keep the team in the game. Once the Thunder recovered from their slow start, the game really got cooking.

Check out the highlights here. While they won't give the quality and competitiveness of the game its just due, it still can help us remember some of the highlights of a remarkable game.