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OKC Morning Loud Links: Half Empty/Full

The Thunder are back in action tonight, travelling north to their division rivals' home in Portland. If you were able to watch some or all of last week's games, you might be nervous. Or you might be relieved. But probably nervous.

Is an 18-5 Record Hiding Flaws? | NewsOK

Well, yes. The Thunder have a number of fundamental issues in their make-up right now that need to be addressed, and right now I'd probably put perimeter defense at the top of the list. However, what also needs to be mentioned is that every team has flaws of their own, flaws that have caused all of them to have more losses than the Thunder. The team that ascends will be the team that eliminates the most flaws by May.

ThunderGround Radio: 2-2 Ain't Half-Bad | Daily Thunder

Check out the DT podcast where they address last week's up and down ride that left the team no better or worse than they began, but still causes a collective freak-out, because omg, the Thunder have now lost FIVE games.

Surviving the Rodeo Trip | SB Nation

Tony Parker reveals the secret of how the Spurs survive their extended road trips. Somebody might want to order a few boxes of Three Thieves for the Thunder's current excursion.

Let the 10-Day Contracts Begin | SB Nation

SBN's resident expert on D-league players gives us a primer on the players that are available in the event that a team suddenly needs some reinforcement. Possibly related - the Thunder lost Eric Maynor for the season and nobody knows how severe Thabo Sefolosha's injury is. Is there another Jeremy Lin out there worth looking at?

Picking the All-Star Reserves | Basketball Prospectus

here is a look at who should qualify for some of the reserve spots for this year's All-Star game. Interestingly, James Harden ranks a bit higher than Russell Westbrook.

Seattle In Talks to Get Another Team | Seattle Times

Documentation has been released that reveals that the city is actively looking to bring a franchise back to Seattle. The early word is that the Sacramento Kings could be the target.

Jazz vs Karl Malone | CBS Sports

Apparently there is a Kerfuffle between the Utah Jazz owner and Hall of Famer Karl Malone.

The Variable Season NBA Rankings | Wages of Wins

I'm not a fan of your final punchline, Arturo Galletti.

Jeremy Lin is NY's New Hit | SB Nation

Speaking of Lin, he had his best day as a pro the other night. The Knicks are starved for guard-play. Is it possible that the undrafted Lin could foot the bill?

Love Serves Up a Facial on Scola | CBS Sports

You know what has been missing from the NBA in the past eight or nine years? Personal feuds.