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NBA Rankings, Week 9: I Have the Power!

Here comes the second half of the season. The Thunder open up with a three game road trip against Eastern Conference playoff teams and then return home to play Dallas, all within the first week. Not everyone did their weekly rankings, so this list will be a bit sparse until the league gets another week of games under its belt.

From Around the League:

SB Nation n/a (3) n/a
ESPN - Hollinger 3 (3) OKC's point differential is a lot less than the top two teams, but that may be a result of the way the Thunder D has a way of letting up during blowouts.
ESPN - Stein 2 (3) OKC still generating "when it matters most" skepticism. Honestly though, can't we say the same about every team, save the Mavericks? 2 (3) James Harden has the highest on-court offensive efficiency rating.
Sports Illustrated 2 (3) OKC still missing Thabo Sefolosha.
ProBasketballTalk 2 (3) Impressive showing by Durant & Westbrook over All-Star weekend has fans excited for the encore.
HoopSpeak 1 (3) Harper breaks out the East & West, so this ranking is just for the Western Conference. Even so, I like how he compares the Thunder trio to Jet Li.
Hoopsworld 2 (3) Three big road games on the docket.
Behind the Basket n/a (3) n/a
FoxSports 3 (3) Durant would love another end of season MVP trophy.
Covers 3 (3) OKC has the Northwest wrapped up.
CBS Sports n/a (3) n/a
Bleacher Report 2 (2) Team gets an 'A' for its first half of season performance.
Black Sports Online 2 (2) Durant/Westbrook growing stronger together as season goes on.
SheridanHoops 2 (4) Durant only trails Kobe Bryant by half a point for the scoring title.

Rankings updated when available. If you know of any rankings that we have missed, please let us know!

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