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OKC Morning Loud Links: NBA Back in Action Tonight

The second wave is upon us, the prelude before the true second season. The NBA resumes action tonight, and the Thunder will be back in action tomorrow against the 76ers to try and stay a few lengths ahead of the rest of the pack in the West. For the Thunder, there are 32 games to go, so let's hope they finish as strong as they did on their most recent home stand.

A Thunder Kind of Weekend | Daily Thunder

Young chronicles the way that the Thunder were a huge part of this past weekend's flavor and thinks back to not long ago when the seeds of these moments were planted.

Durant, Westbrook Building a Strong Bond | NewsOK

Mayberry writes that Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have learned how to capitalize on the adversity that meets them. Instead of allowing it to become a wedge issue, they have decided that it will fuel them. I think this is good, because in this current NBA, one cannot win a championship without the other. I think that bears repeating for the Baylesses of the world - Durant cannot win a championship without Westbrook, because, to fall back on "The Wire" analogy, as much as you need the brains (Stringer Bell), you also need the fear (Avon Barksdale).

Baseline Award Predictions for 2nd Half | CBS Sports

Moore makes some not-so-bold predictions about the remaining portion of the season. I can only anticipate what the Wizards kids have in store for us animated gif-loving NBA fans.

Kings Framework in Place to Keep Team in Sacramento | Sactown Royalty

Kings fans are pretty excited today. Just check out the dance party that is going on in their comments.

Looking Ahead | ESPN

LeBron James still has the inside track on the league MVP, but Kevin Durant is not far behind.

A Round Table About All Things | Hardwood Paroxysm

There are a number of really compelling story lines going on at the moment in this crazy season, leading off with the amazing Jeremy Lin saga.

Clippers on a Roll With Chris Paul | Off the Dribble

If you weren't aware already, Chris Paul is pretty good.

Lamar Odom Leaves Dallas For Personal Reasons | SB Nation

Lamar Odom has had a challenging season with the Mavericks, and reports are now indicating that he has to take a leave of absence so that he can tend to his ill father.

Dwight Howard's Mom Wants Him to Stay | CBS Sports

As we learned from JaVale McGee, it's always kind of risky when NBA reporters start asking NBA players' moms for opinions.

A-Rod: Kobe Considered Retirement Over Knee | CBS Sports

More writes that Alex Rodriguez discloses the fact that Kobe Bryant was very close to retiring last season because of his knee issues before opting for an experimental German procedure. And just for the heck of it, A-Rod, who clearly understands how superstars like Kobe like to be portrayed.

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