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OKC Morning Loud Links: 2nd Half

The mid-way point of the NBA season has past us, All-Star weekend is done, and now it's time for the Thunder to get back to business. They have today and tomorrow off and resume their season on Wednesday in Philadelphia. At 27-7, they are tied for the best record in the NBA Let's see if they can duplicate that effort in the remaining 32 games.

All-Star Overload: Recapping the NBA's Weekend in the Magic Kingdom | SB Nation

Sharp does a phenomenal job recapping the All-Star weekend. His last two photographs are so perfect.

Check That Trophy Off the List | CBS Sports

Young writes that Kevin Durant is now able to check off another accomplishment from his list. Since he's only 23 years old, I'm pretty sure this will not be his last MVP trophy.

All-Star Grades | ESPN

Hollinger grades the players. Kevin Durant was awarded an A, but surprisingly Hollinger gave Russell Westbrook high marks too, as well as noting that he really deserves to be in the dunk competition.

Barkley Says Thunder Will Not Win | NewsOK

Mayberry got a quick word with Charles Barkley, who does not think that the Thunder are even the best team in the West. I think I'm about ready to stop paying attention to him on this matter because he's turning into Skip Bayless. It's one thing to argue that the Spurs are best suited for a playoff run because of XYZ, but Barkley doesn't say that. He just says he doesn't like the way the Thunder execute (i.e. they're a jump shooting team) but gives no reasons why, or how that is any different from the Spurs (who are also a jump shooting team). To me, that's a script, not an opinion.

Durant Wants Stars in Dunk Contest | Daily Thunder

Durant spoke out against the weak slam dunk showing over the weekend, clamoring for the stars, including his teammate, to step up and put on a show.

NBA Finals Preview? | ESPN

Hollinger wonders, with Durant and Westbrook on one end of the court and LeBron James and Dwyane Wade on the other, if we just got a sneak peak of this year's Finals.

Cole Aldrich: Rockette | Twitter

I love this. It tells me that Cole Aldrich is aware at how goofy his celebration is, but he doesn't care because in a small way it helps the team.

Ricky 'Rubio's' DeMarcus Cousins | Ball Don't Lie

That's right, I'm turning Ricky Rubio's last name into a verb. This play, so subtle and small, might be my favorite moment of the weekend. It is the kind of play that simply puts Rubio on a different basketball level.

Estimating Jerry West's Career Steals | Hardwood Paroxysm

Jerry West played in an era that existed before statistics such as steals were kept. Here is one attempt to calculate them ex post.

Derrick Rose - Not Amused | SB Nation

The East All-Stars did a little dance during their intro. Well, all except one.

Kobe Passes Jordan | Ball Don't Lie

Well, in All-Star total points scored, anyway. There is something to be said for being old and good.

The 2012 Null-Star Game | Basketbawful

Finally, a spot for Andris Biedrins.

How to Beat the Miami Heat | BBall Breakdown

Coach Nick takes a closer look at the Heat's brutal efficiency this season. It all starts with the post. Who is in the post? Whoever Miami wants to be in the post.

Stern Anoints Silver as Successor | CBS Sports

David Stern may be winding down his career as commish, but rest assured he has a succession plan in place. And it is the guy who looks like Lurch.