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Scott Brooks Comments on How to Coach an All-Star

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Given that the media have descended on players like locusts during this All-Star weekend, one of the fruits of the situation is a plethora of commentary offered by relaxed players and coaches who are far too often too filtered and stressed out to give honest responses. Scott Brooks has been extremely forthcoming in his offerings in the past few days, and Oklahoman writer Darnell Mayberry has been ready to capture a lot of it. Here are a few of the great quotes Brooks offered on what it is like to coach an All-Star:

How to Coach an All-Star | NewsOK

On Brooks' first opportunity to play in the NBA under 76ers coach coach Jim Lynam:

"[Jim Lynam] gave me an opportunity...He saw something that nobody dared to see, or put their job on the line to see it. But I saw how he treated Charles Barkley. And Charles was one of the toughest players to coach because he is so talented and so hard-headed and stubborn and ornery. But Jimmy challenged him. He challenged him to a fight! He threw his wallet on the floor. (He said) ‘Whoever wins gets the wallet. Put your wallet down, Charles. You’re not as tough as you think.’"

On how he coaches his own team:

"I’m fair with all of our guys, but I think I’m demanding. If they go below a level, I think I address it. Sometimes you have to address it forcefully. Sometimes you address it kindly. But the bottom line is you have to empower your players to play hard and play together and find ways to motivate them to play for the team. I’m fortunate enough that we have a group of guys that believe in that."