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Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Scott Brooks Comment on the Thunder

All-Star weekend is upon us and the media has turned its full attention on the Western Conference leading Thunder. The Oklahoman's Darnell Mayberry and Daily Thunder honcho Royce Young are on the premises, and they both did a great job collecting up some quotes from Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, and Scott Brooks.

Best from Kevin Durant's Media Day | NewsOK

Why Russell Doesn't Dunk and Other Notes From All-Star Friday | Daily Thunder

I've excerpted a few of their quotes here, but be sure to follow the links to read everything.


In re: his combining with Westbrook to score 91 points:

"Me and Russell had 91 points and after that game all I could think about was ‘Wow, how did Kobe get 81 points by himself in one game?'"

Who is Durant's favorite dunker?

"It’s easy to pick Blake Griffin. But the stuff he does is just not real. So I’m not going to put him in the conversation. I’m going to say Russell (Westbrook). He’ll surprise you and just jog down the lane but then float and dunk. The stuff he’s doing is unreal. There are times I just sit back and watch and just smile at his athleticism because it’s video-game like."

On his coach Scott Brooks:

"He coaches me up every single day. He doesn’t let me slip up on anything no matter what. I’m the first guy he yells at, and I really like that. That’s something that I grew up on. My mom was always strict on me, my dad, my coaches. So I didn’t want it to be any different coming from one of the best coaches in the NBA in Scotty Brooks. I don’t want him to baby me and that’s one thing he’s not doing. And I’m excited I’m playing for the Thunder."

Is he taking notes from Dwight Howard and others about what to expect when his current contract ends?

"The notes I'm taking don't even go down that road. I like being in Oklahoma City. I enjoy everything about it. Whenever the time comes for me to re-up on my deal I know Sam Presti is going to be right there at my door or texting me or something to get something going."

On the Portland goal-tend:

Stuff happens.



Why has he never been in the slam dunk contest?

"They ask me every time. During the time, I just don't be up to it. I just don't be feeling it. I don't know ... I wanted to do it my rookie year ... I guess I'll just use it in the games."

Who would Westbrook pay money to see play?

"Kevin ... (pause) ... Love."

On how Westbrook approaches his competitors:

"When the game starts, I don't really have too many friends. We can chat after the game, but when the game starts... that's how I was brought up and that's how I was taught."



On Westbrook's missed dunks:

"He misses some of the most spectacular dunks I've ever seen."

On Wilt Chamberlain's 100 point game:

"Mind boggling. I played more than a decade and I don't know if I even scored 100 points."


Lastly, a bonus quote from Rajon Rondo, and there are novels of subtext that can be read between these lines:

"I don't want to start any trade rumors but Kendrick Perkins is getting traded back to the Celtics."