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Reggie Jackson: Good at Dunking, the Lakers Edition

We finally get to give this honor to the rookie, the kid, Thunder 1st round draft pick Reggie Jackson. RJ has been going through a trial by fire this season, as he has been thrust into a responsibility for which he was not quite ready. When backup PG Eric Maynor went down for the season, Jackson was the man who had to step up. His season has gone the way you'd expect a rookie PG to go - some good, some bad, and a lot of general confusion as he struggles to learn the intricacies of the pro game.

One area that we knew that he could thrive in though was in finishing around the rim. He had a number of impressive highlights while at Boston College, but those athletic feats had not really manifested yet in OKC. He has looked timid around the rim, not seemingly sure about when to attack, when to pass, and when to reset. As a result, he's missed a handful of point blank shots that speak more about his confidence than his ability. So it was with great pleasure that we got to see him finally finish strong over Laker big man Andrew Bynum.