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OKC Morning Loud Links: Heading to All-Star Weekend on a Win Streak

The Thunder had a five game home stand, and they finished that stand with a record of 5-0. Those wins included a game of the year entry in an OT win against the Nuggets and then the vanquishing of two of the last three NBA champions (Lakers, Celtics) on consecutive nights. Well done.

Post Game Nuggets | NewsOK

I think this might be my favorite Scott Brooks quote of the season:

"I don't coach the perfect players or the perfect team, and they're not coached by the perfect coach. But one thing we don't do is we don't back down."

Also, nice "Coming to America" reference, Darnell.

OKC Locks Down Lakers | Daily Thunder

Lots of good stuff in here from Young, but one thing that he highlights that we've touched on before is Charles Barkley's ongoing criticism of the Thunder that comes without any sort of acknowledgement that every true contender this season is built in a similar fashion. The Heat are a perimeter-oriented team, the Bulls offense revolves around their point guard, and the Spurs make their bones out past the 3-point line.

Lakers Undressed By Best in the West | Silver Screen and Roll

The Lakers played poorly on offense last night, and one thing that seems like a glaring hole in their scheme is that their best 3-point shooter is Derek Fisher.

This is Why We Love Perkins | NewsOK

Kendrick Perkins was brought to OKC with one specific purpose in mind - to beat the Lakers. While Perkins is still rounding into top defensive form in his ability to defend different types of big men, last night was a vintage example of what he brings to the table.

Mid-Season Award Watch | Wages of Wins

Another James Harden for 6th man vote of confidence.

"Goose" Tatum Documentary to Debut All-Star Weekend | SB Nation

"Goose," produced by former Hall of Fame chairman Mannie Jackson and TeamWorks Media, will tell the story of how Tatum came to be one of basketball's first transcendent personalities. A star for the Harlem Globetrotters, Tatum was at one point the highest-paid athlete in the world, and in the film, he receives commendations for his presence and skill from legends like Jerry West and Oscar Robertson.

Lin's Struggles Against Miami | NBA Playbook

To paraphrase Apollo Creed, Jeremy Lin plays great, but LeBron James is a great player. Lin will continue to impress, but as the scouting book is being written on his strengths and weaknesses, he will be forced to evolve. To be fair, LeBron and Dwyane Wade make a lot of guards look like this.

Sam Presti, Mike Brown United by Mixed Tapes | SB Nation

This is delightfully dorky. It reminds me of this classic scene from the movie "High Fidelity."

Missing: One Personally Autographed Note from Durant; Left in Men's Room | Deadspin

Once again, the Kevin Durant story produces all kinds of sweet results.