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OKC Afternoon Loud Links: Lakers Tonight

The Thunder played a good first half last night, and it was sufficient to hold off a late Celtics charge. The Lakers should prove to be tougher because they have shot-makers that the Celtics do not. Also, they bring with them Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum, so the Thunder's interior defense will be tested well. This is the last game before the All-Star break, so let's hope the Thunder are ready to head into it on a winning streak.

Post Game Nuggets | NewsOK

Mayberry notes that Daequan Cook finally rediscovered his shooting stroke. I think that it is significant that Cook got his first three points at the free throw line. There is something about getting those easy makes for a perimeter shooter that helps them rediscover their confidence.

Method Actors | ESPN

This is the big Thunder feature on ESPN this week, and the author does a great job looking at a number of the facets of the Thunder's evolution. There isn't much here that is new to dedicated Thunder fans per se, but it is very comprehensive and pushes back against a lot of the petty criticism that we often see levied against OKC.

Five Questions With Land O Lakers | Daily Thunder

Young gets a great Q&A with Lakers fans to help prepare us for tonight.

Ibaka Learns Hard Lesson From Garnett | NewsOK

Serge Ibaka had a rough night against the Celtics, as Kevin Garnett beat up on him physically and psychologically. Old dog, meet new dog.

Bradley Dunks on Durant | SB Nation

Ordinarily I wouldn't celebrate a Thunder player getting posterized, but I really like the way 2nd year player Avery Bradley attacks. He caught Kevin Durant by surprise on this one, and got KD a bit upset and responded by running down and drilling a 3-pointer to push the lead back up to 18.

Blake Griffin Mozgov's the Entire Nuggets Team | SB Nation

It looks like Blake Griffin will always have a soft spot for Timofey Mozgov. Maybe we can forget about the Kendrick Perkins incident for a while.

JaVale McGee | SB Nation

I don't even need to explain JaVale McGee exploits anymore. All you need to see is his name and you know it's worth clicking to.

The Danny Ainge Anniversary Party | Grantland

Simmons takes aim at his beloved Celtics.