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Oklahoma City Thunder vs Boston Celtics: Game #33 Video Highlights

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The Thunder defeated the Celtics in a high scoring affair last night. Boston jumped out early, surprising the slow-starting Thunder. It looked like the game would become a tough affair for OKC when they ripped off a dominant quarter and a half of incendiary Thunder basketball. When all was said and done, the Thunder were up big at the half and the Celtics were left wondering how they would generate enough offense to get back into the game.

Fortunately for the Celtics (and unfortunately for the Thunder), OKC has a way of allowing teams to hang around too long. The Celtics regained their footing, cranked up the defense, and the Thunder slogged through a 3rd quarter of uninspired play. At the beginning of the 4th, the lead was still a healthy double digit lead but the momentum had shifted. The Celtics clawed all the way back to a six point deficit, but then the Thunder stars finally put the game away.