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OKC Morning Loud Links: Green Party Tonight

OKC Welcomes the Boston Celtics into the Chesapeake Arena tonight. Boston has struggled of late in dropping six of their last seven, but they are a prideful and stubborn bunch who still know how to play good defense, so OKC's resolve will be tested.

Some Perspective on Westbrook | NewsOK

Skip Bayless...I don't even need to write anything more about him, do I? Mayberry does a great job here addressing Skip being Skip. The bottom line whenever you rely on a single number to tell an entire story, context matters.

Dear Critics | Daily Thunder

Young invites a DT reader to push back against the insane criticism that has surfaced against the young Thunder squad.

The Thunder-Blazers Rivalry in an Alternate Timeline | SB Nation

Graciously, Prada doesn't take the position of, 'what would have happened if the Trail Blazers had taken Durant instead of Odom?' Instead, he imagines a world where the Blazers stayed healthy.

Player Mid-Season Awards | Sports Illustrated

It is hard to argue against LeBron James for MVP. He is doing everything that Kevin Durant is doing, but just a little bit better. At least they still love James Harden.

There Are No Guarantees in Lockout Seasons | Hardwood Paroxysm

For evidence of this, recall that the 8th seeded Knicks made the NBA finals following the last lockout.

NBA Rookie Rankings VII | Grantland

Enes Kanter makes a move into the top three. While he is still raw offensively, he has shown heightened skill on the defensive end of the court.

Pop Doesn't Really Care About the #1 Seed | CBS Sports

Greg Poppovich sat his starters last night, ceding the game to the Trail Blazers. I think he learned his lesson from last season - the playoffs trump great records.

Dave Chappelle Visits the Warriors | Ball Don't Lie

I love Dave Chappelle as much as anybody, but given how the Thunder played against the Kings after he visited with them, I'm inclined to stay away.

LeBron James: Dainty | Ball Don't Lie

It's one thing to have your significant other cutting up your meat for you, but at a restaurant?

Hubie Brown's Coaching Boot Camp | Ball Don't Lie

If I had the means I would absolutely do this.