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NBA Rankings, Week 8: I Have the Power!

The Thunder have won three in a row after suffering a set-back against the surging Rockets. They finally solved Golden State, played a game for the ages against Denver, and then avoided the trap game against the Hornets. Two games remain this week before All-Star break, so it would be tremendous for the team's outlook and momentum to finish up the first half of the season with another two wins.

From Around the League:

SB Nation 3 (8) Serge Ibaka with the PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE!
ESPN - Hollinger 3 (2) Offensively, only Miami is better. And I wonder if things would be any different if OKC actually played their starters during 4th quarter blowouts.
ESPN - Stein 3 (5) Here is an interesting stat - 95% of playable minutes have gone to players who were with the team last season. 3 (3) The defense had been improving until the Sunday night video game that was OKC-Nuggets in OT.
Sports Illustrated A- (3) "It remains to be seen if "Thunder ball" can thrive deep in the playoffs." You know, I really like Robson, but I see this statement all the time and I ask myself, did these people just forget about what happened in the playoffs last season?
ProBasketballTalk 3 (3) Point differential margin is finally starting to come into alignment. I'd still like to see some better perimeter defense.
HoopSpeak 3 (3) Harper really outdoes himself this week. Read/watch through the entire list.
Hoopsworld 3 (2) Silly, silly stats.
Behind the Basket 3 (4) Still no love for the Thunder here. Blott thinks Spurs look to be in the pole position.
FoxSports 3 (3) A model for teams to follow. Unfortunately for most, this model is extremely rare to come by.
Covers 3 (2) The Rockets glitch still showed room for growth.
CBS Sports 3 (3) OKC not as complete as last year, but still more dangerous.
Bleacher Report 2 (1) Team's youth and talent give hope for a bright future.
Black Sports Online 2 (3) Thunder bench play is going to grow ever more important as season wears on.

Rankings updated when available. If you know of any rankings that we have missed, please let us know!