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OKC Morning Loud Links: Two More Before All-Star Weekend

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The Thunder did a great job getting up for the big game (Nuggets) and avoiding the trap game (Hornets). They get a break today, and hopefully players like Nick Collison and James Harden can heal up a bit and avoid any lingering injuries. Thunder conclude the week with the defensive-minded and physical Celtics and a great end of first half of season challenge in OKC's nemesis, the Lakers.

Post-Game Nuggets | NewsOK

Mayberry comments about Cole Aldrich's play, and I thought this was an encouraging quote from Scott Brooks:

"Cole hasn't played a lot. He's done everything that we've asked for two years, but we're on a nice roll and our four bigs are (a hard rotation) to crack. But he's done a good job of coming in; I thought tonight's minutes, early in the game, he was protecting (the rim), he was running, he was setting screens. Those are the things that we need him to do and he's done them well."

OKC Keeps it Boring in Win | Daily Thunder

Young notes that the bench struggled in the 2nd half. One point about Reggie Jackson - I really don't think he should ever be waving off Kevin Durant so that he can take the play himself. Even if it is RJ's purpose to shoot the ball, just having Durant nearby should help at least from an osmosis sense, yes?

Martell Webster...Oh My Goodness | SB Nation

Martell Webster...I don't even know what to say about this. I think this play goes a step beyond the phrase "game awareness," or lack thereof. "Oh my goodness," indeed. I'll bet at least JaVale McGee got back on defense during this play.

Rajon Rondo Throws Ball at Ref, Suspended Two Games

Rajon Rondo lost his cool against the Pistons and threw the ball at one of the referees after a non-call. He has been suspended for two games, which means he will not be appearing in tomorrow's game against the Celtics.

Interview With Gilbert Arenas | Sports Illustrated

This is a great interview with Gilbert Arenas, aka Agent Zero. Ever since he came to Washington and I got to watch him play in DC I've had a soft spot for the guy. Amick does a great job getting him to open up. I'd consider this interview a must-read.

Greg Oden: Disappointment, No Regrets | CBS Sports

Greg Oden...sigh...Greg Oden.

You Better Recognize: Lou Williams | Hardwood Paroxysm

Louis Williams is a 6th man of the year candidate, and given that we're OKC fans, you might wonder why. This is one reason why.

The Next Next Chance | Hardwood Hype

This is an essay about the sad story of Roy Tarpley, but it really isn't.

Cuban Would Support Seattle Return | Hardwood Paroxysm

Mark Cuban is in favor of a team returning to Seattle, but only if it is a relocation. He does not support expansion.

Kobe, Dirk: Old Man Shooters | Ball Don't Lie

Kobe engaged in a little cross-continental trash talking with Dirk Nowitzki. I guess when old man Dirk sweeps old man Kobe out of the playoffs, trash talk is all that is left.

Clutch is Overrated | Wages of Wins

Here we go again! Here is my definition of clutch - it is a player's ability to force his way to the free throw line at the end of games.

Believing in the Spurs | Sports Illustrated

Don't look, but the Spurs are re-making themselves again, this time around the incredible play of Tony Parker. Apropos of nothing, I love watching Parker play, but I think his ESPN profile makes him definitely look like a guy who would drink your milkshake.

Big Baby Has Had a Rough Year | Orlando Pinstriped Post

Glen Davis has had to go through a number of ordeals this season, making his transition to Orlando exponentially emotionally draining.

Nick Young, Wedding Crasher | SB Nation

I know it probably does not help the psyche of Wizards fans much, but I hope that Nick Young and JaVale McGee stay together as teammates for a long time.