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Kevin Durant, Good at Dunking: New Orleans Hornets Edition

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Last night's win against the Hornets was somewhat bereft of dramatic moments as the Thunder rolled to an easy win. One moment that punctuated the Thunder's dominance though was this Kevin Durant steal and slam, which pushed the 2nd quarter lead to 15. What I love about the play is that, if you pause the clip about four seconds in, you see that KD is leading a four on two fast break. He has both Russell Westbrook and Kendrick Perkins sitting on the baseline, ready to take an easy bounce pass to finish. However, in a play that easily could have turned into a "too-cute-for-its-own-good" kind of attempt, Durant forewent the pass and decided around halfcourt that he was going to jam it right on top of Chris Kaman's head. He didn't care that Kaman might try to block it (he didn't) or take a charge (he ducked); Durant was about to send a message that this game, although far from ending, was effectively "over."