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Oklahoma City Thunder vs Golden State Warriors Game #30 Video Highlights

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The Thunder defeated the Warriors in resounding fashion last night. After fighting through their normal 1st quarter struggles of poor shooting and turnovers, the defense found its footing and put the clamps on the Warriors' high scoring attack. After trailing the Warriors by four points, the Thunder responded by beating them in each subsequent quarter from there on out.

James Harden led the way, playing head and shoulders over any bench player that the Warriors had. Harden was instrumental in bringing the Thunder back from a seven point deficit in the 2nd quarter, and he provided both points and assists in pushing the Thunder ahead by the half. He continued to help orchestrate the game into the second half, thereby allowing Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook to avoid having to play a 4th quarter. It was good for Westbrook too, since he pulled up with a sore ankle in the 3rd and would leave the game.