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OKC Morning Loud Links: Points Tonight

The Thunder are back at home tonight to take on the Golden State Warriors for the third time this season. If the past is any indication, we should be in for another raucous time with offense galore. In the first two games, the combined scores are 239-225. So grab your favorite snack and sip some Red Bull, because this one should be fun.

Aggressive Thunder Takes it to the Edge | NewsOK

Scott Brooks pushes back against Charles Barkley's criticism that the Thunder cannot have good post-season success because they are a jump shooting team with no interior presence. By and large, I agree with Barkley's position because it is historically true. However, the inexcusable fact that his position misses is that last season's Finals were decided by two jump shooting teams that had no post-up game at all.

How Bad Does OKC Miss Thabo? | Daily Thunder

I think Thabo Sefolosha's absence has been notable in a way that does not always show up in his own personal box score. But there is another box score where his absence is felt, and that is the final score. In the 10 games he has been out, the Thunder defense has given up over 100 points five times.

Perkins the Passer | NewsOK

Kendrick Perkins has been doing a great job distributing the ball of late. Although he does not possess the scoring abilities of a player like Marc Gasol, by putting the ball in his hands to look to make a play, the Thunder are maximizing his presence and making their offense more five on five rather than four on five.

The Linsanity Mailbag | Grantland

Simmons takes on the Jeremy Lin experience, which is fine, but what I found most interesting was his discussion about how LeBron James fits into the overall picture.

The Art of Strategic Surrender | Hardwood Paroxysm

"Ginobili’s a harlequin, drawing the response he wants while playing the crowd. It’s not something to loathe, it’s something to admire, as infuriating as it may be."

Something's Missing | HoopSpeak

Shaky Ankles guy Michael Pina stops by again at HS takes a closer look at forgotten All-Star point guard Deron Williams.

San Antonio's Own Linsanity | Spurs Nation

Jeremy Lin's agent Roger Montgomery took a chance on Jeremy Lin, and now his career ascent is mirroring his young client.

A New Arena in Seattle...Could it Be? | HoopSpeak

Mason gives the low-down on what Seattle might be doing in order to bring a team back to the city. Also, there is a remarkable Youtube clip in that post that has me reminiscing.

Is Melo Selfish? | CBS Sports

I really don't think Carmelo Anthony is a "I need to get mine" kind of player. He's more of the type that is so convinced of his abilities that often concludes that he is the best option available, kind of like Kobe Bryant's mentality. However, what pushes 'Melo is by playing along side other guys who play hard.

Kobe: Not a Fan of Science | Ball Don't Lie

I'm being unfair to Kobe, of course. I think his pushback against the study being addressed is justifiable, but there is still something to be considered by measuring the optimal time to shoot the ball.

Lin as Shaq, Shaq as Riley | SB Nation

Yikes. Shaq looks like Al Sharpton.

Linsanity Visualized | Wages of Wins

It's settled then. Jeremy Lin is better than Kobe Bryant.

Heat Pursuing Kaman | CBS Sports

The Hornets may buy out Chris Kaman, which would pave the way for him to sign with the Heat. While that would certainly be a huge upgrade for Miami and give them a viable inside scoring threat, it still feels like they're missing a reliable perimeter scorer.