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Oklahoma City Thunder vs Houston Rockets: Game #29 Video Highlights

The Thunder lost to the Rockets last night in a gritty game that saw major swings in momentum throughout. The Thunder started the game down 29-13 after shooting horrendously, but reversed the game in the 2nd quarter by outscoring the Rockets 31-16. There are some obvious areas in which you can criticize OKC in this loss, but an overall effort is not one of them. They were just shooting poorly on the road for most of the first half and then late in the game. Sometimes this happens; sometimes the game's best scorer misses open jump shots.

Credit goes to the Rockets defense for making the Thunder work hard to get open looks on the perimeter and altering the game's tempo so that it favored Houston. As a result, they were able to battle underneath and give their scoring guard Kevin Martin a chance to win the game in the end. Martin converted, and the Thunder did not.