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NBA Rankings, Week 7: I Have the Power!

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The Thunder concluded a brutal road trip by going 3-2 and then 2-0 over the Utah Jazz. The team is quickly realizing that all other teams are setting their sites on OKC and bringing their best. It is a new perch for the Thunder to be sitting, but one that I'm sure they will use to grow and get better.

From Around the League:

SB Nation 8 (3) Behold, the lovability rankings. Shockingly, Ziller's Kings top the charts.
ESPN - Hollinger 2 (3) Multiple strong showings last week push the Thunder back up a notch.
ESPN - Stein 5 (7) Thunder respond to Stein's diss by rolling off some impressive wins. 3 (3) Both Westbrook and Durant had game-saving plays last week.
Sports Illustrated 3 (3) Thunder lead the league in turnovers but the damage to their offensive efficiency has been minimal.
ProBasketballTalk 3 (4) I'm honestly not sure what Helin is talking about here. Is he saying that OKC's late game offense is a concern, despite how they performed against Portland & GS, or that it can get better, because of how well they finished against Portland & GS?
HoopSpeak 3 (3) Harper writes poetry, features the Drobber.
Hoopsworld n/a (2) N/A
Behind the Basket 4 (4) The Spurs hop over the Thunder in the West.
FoxSports 3 (3) Youth is not holding them back.
Covers 2 (2) Thunder bounced back after two brutal losses to the Spurs and Kings.
CBS Sports 3 (3) The NBA has the top 3, and then there's everybody else.
Bleacher Report 1 (1) Despite defensive weaknesses, Thunder still tops.

Rankings updated when available. If you know of any rankings that we have missed, please let us know!