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OKC Morning Loud Links: Jazz Done, Rockets Tonight

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The Thunder cruised to victory last night against the Jazz, playing well on both ends of the court. Tonight they face the Rockets, a team that has found its footing since the first two times the Thunder played them. With their guard play of Kevin Martin and Kyle Lowry and the low post presence of Luis Scola, they should offer a stiff challenge to the Thunder.

Post-Game Nuggets | NewsOK

Mayberry liked the pace that Russell Westbrook played last night, but he is alarmed by the fact that Kendrick Perkins had four more assists than Westbrook.

Perkins Passes the Way for OKC | Daily Thunder

Young notes that Eric Maynor was in the locker room with the guys and looked to be healing up nicely. I think it is important that he stays connected to the squad, and in particular stay involved with Reggie Jackson's development.

Yay Points, Clutch, and Risk | Wages of Wins

Jeremy Lin is the definition of a low risk, high reward proposition.

When I Played Against Jeremy Lin | HoopSpeak

Mason seeks out a first person account of what it was like to face Lin while playing in college. The man he found, a former Cornell player, said he never saw it coming.

Mythbusting: Are Coaches Resting Their Players? | Hardwood Paroxysm

Coaches still coach to win games, and when their jobs often rely on winning, it is difficult to sacrifice the short term for the long term.

Bulls Owner Sees Bad Comparison Between Jordan and Rose | Ball Don't Lie

Derrick Rose is playing heavy minutes again this season, and as of right now he's out with an injured back. The Bulls coaching staff is going to have to figure out how badly they want the #1 seed.

NBA Rookie Rankings VI | Grantland

With Kyrie Irving and MarShon Brooks out with injuries, a few other rookies are scaling the ladder.

Ben Wallace Will Set a Record, Then Retire | Ball Don't Lie

Ben Wallace hopes to play out the remainder of the season, which will give him the record for most games played by an undrafted player. Wallace is a shell of his former self now, but his career is worth remembering, if none other than the fact that his Pistons ended the Shaq-Kobe dynasty.

LeBron is a Giant Foam Statue | CBS Sports

This is frightening.