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Kendrick Perkins Goes Behind-the-Back Pass for the Ibaka Slam

Kendrick Perkins played another strong game against the Jazz tonight. Despite only scoring a single point, Perkins was actually the second-highest assist man on the night, finishing the game with six dimes. My personal favorite was actually just one part of an entire great sequence:

I enjoyed the entire sequence because it started with a Russell Westbrook offensive rebound (which actually gets clipped from this video). As Westbrook pivots and resets the offense, Perkins does a great job of spotting that his man has dropped off him and has left a soft spot in the lane. Perkins flashes to the lane. As Westbrook delivers the entry pass, Perkins deftly flips the ball behind his back to an open Serge Ibaka, who slams it home. The pass is actually a little off, so it also is a tribute to Ibaka, who has struggled at times catching interior passes. He grabs it with his off-hand and flushes the jam over Paul Millsap. Well done.