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OKC Morning Loud Links: Back Home, Back in Action

The Thunder face the Jazz once again tonight, which should be a welcome site since the Thunder have not played at home since Feb. 3. The Jazz will undoubtedly be looking for some sweet revenge, so let's see how the Thunder have been gearing up for this week's games.

Thunder Ordered to Rest, Relax | NewsOK

I truly wish I had a team trainer that gave me a command to stay in bed for 10 hours.

Thunder Player Power Rankings | Daily Thunder

Westbrook averaged 30.0 points per game last week and took 91 shots. KD averaged 28.0 points and took 89 shots. For the season, Westbrook has attempted 506 to KD’s 523.

Nash Defying Age With Historic Play | Sports Illustrated

Steve Nash is still playing at, well, an All-Star level this season despite being 38 years old. Nash's loyalty to his teammates is commendable and rare.

Why Jeremy Lin Can Be the Next Steve Nash | BBall Breakdown

I can only hope this would include making epic commercials for Vitamin Water.

What Stats Tell Us About Lin's Return to Planet Earth | Behind the Basket

It will be impossible for Jeremy Lin to continue his torrid pace, and Blott takes a look at what is probably going to trigger his return to a more normal rate of play.

The Legacy of Paul Westhead | Hardwood Paroxysm

Can you imagine a time when an NBA team averaged over 130 points a game? It happened, and it wasn't that long ago. I actually caught Paul Westhead when he was coaching at George Mason, but my most memorable moment of his work came when he coached the late Hank Gathers and Bo Kimble at Loyola Marymount.

Kevin Love's Empty Wins | Wages of Wins

Kevin Love is having another great season, but it is not all that different from years past. The only difference is that the team is winning games now.

Chris Paul Wants J.R. Smith | Ball Don't Lie

Chris Paul is recruiting free agent J.R. Smith to come to the Clippers to help fill the hole left by Chauncey Billups. Also, sweet tuxes.

Roburt Sallie Needs to Read the Labels on his Pills | CBS Sports

I'm sure this is the one time I will write the following sentence:

"If you really think that I've taken 'ExtenZe' to enhance my penis, then you must be crazy."

Z-Bo, Tony Allen Host Valentine's Day Party | Fox

Zach Randolph and Tony Allen are hosting a Valentine's Day for mothers and children of the Memphis Family Shelter. Great job by Z-Bo and Allen.

Trailer: "The Announcement" | SB Nation

It was one of the most league-shaking moments in NBA history: