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Interview with Thunder Coach Scott Brooks: Still Not Satisfied

Thunder coach Scott Brooks got a little air time while he was in Sacramento yesterday, chatting with KHTK in Sacramento. He took the opportunity to talk about his coaching experience, his relationship with his young team, and their run to the Western Conference Finals last season.

Scott Brooks Still Not Satisfied Despite Best Record in West | Sports Radio Interviews

Please be sure to read the entire interview. I have excerpted a few quotes here:

Best part of coaching the Thunder:

"Their ability to come back every day and get work done whether we have an incredible win or tough loss. Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, (Kendrick) Perkins, Nick Collison, they all come back knowing that they have a job to do to get better every day and work every day..."

Where he would like the team to get better at:

"I think that is one of the strengths of our team that we are not satisfied. I know I love our guys and I tell them that every day but I love the fact that they know they are not as good as they're going to be if they keep working. We turn the ball over way too many times and defensively we give up too many offensive rebounds. Those are things we have talked about and will continue to talk about. We have to get better at those things."

How much the playoff experience has helped them this season:

"I think it definitely helps you going through the playoff battles and I think in any team that wants to have a good team for a long time you have to be able to go through that and recover through some tough times...One thing that we know is it's a long season and a long playoffs. You can lose 12 games in a playoff run and still win a championship. You can't get down on losses and that's one thing that we kind of experienced with that seven game series with Memphis."