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OKC Morning Loud Links: Reflect, Reload

The Thunder get less than 24 hours to figure out how to correct some of the many problems they encountered in losing to the Kings last night, as they face the Utah Jazz in this evening's late game. The Jazz, like the Kings, have some talent and ability and are better coached. OKC had better bite down on that mouth piece.

Post-Game Nuggets | NewsOK

Rohde writes:

I'm almost certain the answer to this question is "no," but here it goes: Has any team ever won an NBA title leading the league in turnovers? My guess is no, and the answer will remain no because the OKC Thunder will not win an NBA title committing this many turnovers.

OKC Bites It Against the Kings | Daily Thunder

James takes a more optimistic view of the game last night, noting that it was just one of many, and that it is possible to turn things around this season. Sometimes, the other team just plays better.

ARCO Thunder Rules the Night | Sactown Royalty

This great write-up from the Kings' side of the playing field should hopefully give us all a bit of perspective. Bill Parcels once famously said that the more desperate team usually wins. Last night, the Kings played in a state of greater desperation and won.

Perkins on Jim Rome Show | CBS Sports

Kendrick Perkins joined the Jim Rome Show to talk about the dunk and the tweet that won't die.

Chris Webber Returns Home | ABC News

Before Chris Webber was an NBA commentator, he was an All-Star power forward for the Sacramento Kings. In fact, as I think back on my first experiences watching C-Webb, I recall having a similar impression that I did when LeBron James came into the league. He, like LeBron, just looked like he was built to play basketball. Interestingly, as gifted as Webber was, we saw the same shortcomings then that we see today with LeBron. I don't want to critique Webber though; he is an eloquent and thoughtful guy and I really like his reflections in this article on playing in Sacramento.

Judging the West Reserves | Ball Don't Lie

Russell Westbrook's slow start notwithstanding, he's the second best player on the best team in the West. He belongs.

Jeremy Lin, Landry Fields, Nerd Handshake | SB Nation

I get the eyeglasses move, but what is Lin doing at the beginning? Turning book pages?

Celtics Win Tip, Call an Audible | CBS Sports

Add another entry into my "NBA players have a lot of time on their hands" diary. Solidarity with the Patriots? Tweaking Doc Rivers? Who knows, who cares. That's a great tip-off.

Craig Saiger...Oh Yes | SB Nation

The effervescent Craig Saiger may be paying tribute to the Legend of Zelda.