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NBA Rankings, Week 5: I Have the Power!

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The Thunder enjoyed three wins against sub .500 teams last week and then ran into a buzzsaw Clippers team that is bursting at the seams to make statement games. I think tonight's game against the Mavericks will tell us a lot more about the Thunder than the Clippers loss did; OKC must regroup and come out with a better game plan than the last outing in Big-D.

From Around the League:

SB Nation 1 (5) Thunder won't sleepwalk through the season, but Monday's loss proves that they have to be mentally locked in early against the elites of the West.
ESPN - Hollinger 3 (5) OKC joins the Heat and Nuggets as the most efficient offensive teams in the league.
ESPN - Stein 2 (2) A sad note - if the Thunder hadn't lost to the Wizards, they would have won 12 in a row before this past Monday's loss. 2 (2) Thunder about to run through a number of playoff teams, all of which will test their competitive resolve.
Sports Illustrated 3 (2) Robson makes a good point about Westbrook, but here is the counter - why must we assume RW must change, rather than the team build its own offensive identity around his and Durant's skill-sets?
ProBasketballTalk 1 (3) We're about to find out if Dirk Nowitzki truly is not concerned about the Thunder in the west.
HoopSpeak 3 (3) Thunder still a bit top-heavy as both Durant and Westbrook seek to extend their in-game influences.
Hoopsworld 1 (2) OKC has received criticism for its relatively soft schedule, but keep in mind that they've played more games on the road than at home.
Behind the Basket 2 (6) Thunder are good. Also, Westbrook turns the ball over a lot.
FoxSports 3 (2) Thunder best in the west, despite the beating they took on Monday.
Covers 1 (2) Thunder are meeting their high expectations.
CBS Sports 3 (2) Blake Griffin, the smiling Ringwraith.
Bleacher Report 1 (3) OKC moves to the top, but for how long?

Rankings updated when available. If you know of any rankings that we have missed, please let us know!