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Spurs' Stephen Jackson calls out Serge Ibaka

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Serge Ibaka and Metta World Peace tussled at the end of the Thunder's win over the Lakers. MWP's former teammate Stephen Jackson took exception to Ibaka's actions.

Brendan Maloney

Near the end of the Thunder's solid win over the Lakers Friday night, this happened:

It is certainly not the first time Metta World Peace has gotten into a tussle with a Thunder player. While MWP is still a strong and physical player who can certainly exert a fair amount of league-approved violence on the court, I personally think he's more of a Dennis Rodman-type agitator than anything else, and his wrist-locking Tango with Serge Ibaka certainly looked like it was in that same vein.

One guy who was not so sanquine about the little episode was MWP's former teammate (and co-conspirator in the infamous "Malice at the Palace"), Stephen Jackson. Cap'n Jack took to the Twitter machine to voice his disregard for Ibaka's theatrics:


That sounds...unpleasant.

Even so, Jackson just added another level of anticipation for when OKC meets the Spurs again on Dec. 17.