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Listen: WTLC visits NBA 4 Life to talk Thunder basketball

The weekly radio show NBA 4 Life invited WTLC on for the first time this season to talk about a recent article on the Thunder's locker room, as well as the impact of the James Harden trade.

Our friends at the CLNS Radio show NBA 4 Life invited WTLC to stop in on their weekly get-together to talk Thunder basketball. The topic of the night was a recent article written by Adrian Wojnarowski, who got Kendrick Perkins to open up a bit about the inner workings of the Thunder locker room. Stay with us as we then discuss the James Harden trade and who the best shooters on the Thunder are. My segment begins around 20 minutes in, but be sure to listen to the whole episode.

Many thanks to the guys at NBA 4 Life for having me on and hopefully there will be more opportunities in the future.