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Week 6 Power Rankings: Thunder Rising to the Top

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The Oklahoma City Thunder remain near the top of the NBA, thanks to a six-game winning streak capped off by a 117-111 win over the Brooklyn Nets Tuesday night. The NBA power rankers all across the web have taken notice of the Thunder’s rise, and most have rewarded them for their recent, outstanding play.

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Source Ranking Comment
3 Seth Rosenthal has the Thunder at No. 3 for the second straight week, and apparently they are not higher because they have been beating inferior competition. Is that not what good teams do? 4 Russell Westbrook's shooting is still off, but his assist rate and defense are better than ever.
Sporting News 6 This is by far the lowest ranking, and it doesn't make much sense. Even though this was published before the Thunder's win in Brooklyn, the Nets still shouldn't have been ahead of OKC.
Bleacher Report 1 Bleacher Report's Ethan Sherwood Strauss has the Thunder ranked No. 1. Three-point shooting percentage is an area in which the Thunder have significantly improved.
ESPN-Hollinger 1 No comments from Hollinger, but I'll give you some. Thunder are No. 1 because they lead the league in margin of victory, have won nine of last 10 and are the first NBA team to win 15 games.
Fox Sports 3 The James Harden trade has worked out, but Sam Amico questions whether the Thunder will use the draft picks they got in it to get more veteran help.