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Look: Russell Westbrook is Stylin' and Profilin' in GQ

Russell Westbrook made a name for himself during last season's playoffs, wearing some of the most bold and confounding clothing attire around. GQ gets hold of Mr. Westbrook and this is what they produced.

Russell Westbrook began to turn heads last spring with his unorthodox fashion sense, most exhibited following playoff games. Westbrook hooked up with fashion mag GQ as well as veteran sports writer Lang Whitaker for GQ's January 2013 issue to talk a bit about fashion and style.

Lang writes:

If you're trying to pinpoint the moment when russell Westbrook graduated from rising NBA star to hipster-sports- fan icon, the answer is May 14, 2012. That evening, the Oklahoma City point guard lit the fuse on the Thunder's near playoff sweep of the Lakers with twenty- seven points. But it wasn't anything he did during the game. It was what happened after the game, when Westbrook arrived at the press conference wearing lensless red-framed glasses and a Lacoste polo shirt festooned with candy-colored fishhooks.

On Twitter, his trademark is the hashtag #whynot. "That's the way I live life," he explains. "And it relates to anything, man."

Lang is a great writer, but I'm guessing he didn't write this one - "Be aggressive - but not out of control."


All photo credits: Eric Ray Davidson / GQ