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Top Thunder .GIFs from Opening Week

Look inside for the best Thunder. GIFs, good or bad, hitting the internet this week.

Even the Bobcats are laughing at some of these .gifs....
Even the Bobcats are laughing at some of these .gifs....
Jonathan Daniel

So the Thunder have opened their new season 1-2, and not everybody is happy about it. In fact, by most people's judgement, it's been a crappy week. Today's .GIFs of the week will offer little relief, as some of them just highlight our frustration.

For example, here's super old Timmy D taking it to the house against Ibaka.


Oh yeah, and here's him blocking Kevin Durant. This one is the crazier of the two, and is kind of like seeing Kareem's Sky Hook get blocked. It's going to happen rarely, and when it does happen, only a total G can do it.


Phew. Thankfully, there's no .gifs out there of Russell Westbrook losing Tony Parker on the final possession of that game. At least we can take some solace in the fact that Kevin Durant totally owns Sasha Pavlovic.


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