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Watch: Kendrick Perkins slaps Serge Ibaka upside the head

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The title says it all.

Via A Stern Warning.

Okay, so this probably the silliest thing I've ever posted here. But, during last night's Rockets game, Kendrick Perkins was getting pretty aggressive when congratulating Serge Ibaka for picking up his defensive assignment and blocking the shot. I mean, he straight up slapped Ibaka across the head. Right on the ear. I can't imagine it was a great experience for Ibaka.

It's not even like Perkins was aiming for another area and missed. He just went full on for Ibaka's head, kept looking angry, and shouted something nasty in Ibaka's ear. Maybe he was trying to wake Ibaka up? I don't know.

Regardless, Serge Ibaka took it pretty well. This is the same guy who writes "with class" in ten different languages constantly on his Twitter account, so I doubt he'd let it get to him. In fact, his head hardly moves, and he doesn't even flinch. He immediately responds with a mutual hand slap and gets on with the game. With class indeed.