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NBA jerseys: Kevin Durant has 2nd best selling jersey, Russell Westbrook, 12th

Kevin Durant is a household name and sales of his Thunder jersey only trail LeBron James. Russell Westbrook shows up on the radar, selling the 12th most across the league.

Jared Wickerham

The NBA business is a merchandising monster, aided in part by the fact that the game is so physically close to the fans and the players appear larger than life. It is no surprise then that the 6'10" Kevin Durant, now regarded as the 2nd best player in the league behind his buddy LeBron James, has the 2nd highest jersey sales across the league.

The Oklahoman's Darnell Mayberry writes:

Durant's No. 35 Thunder jersey is the league's second best seller based on sales at the NBA store in New York City and on from April through Nov. 26. James ranked first for the third times since 2001.

But this is the highest Durant has climbed on the list of the league's most popular jerseys. In the league's previous survey of the top 15 most popular jerseys Durant ranked eighth. He ranked seventh in April 2011 but fell one spot after the Dallas Mavericks' championship shot Dirk Nowitzki into the top 15 at No. 7. Durant ranked ninth in April 2010 and 15th in January 2010, which was his first time in the top 10 since his rookie season.

Durant's all-star teammate Russell Westbrook continues to work his way into the public eye as well, earning the 12th spot. Here is the entire ranking:

  1. LeBron James
  2. Kevin Durant
  3. Kobe Bryant
  4. Carmelo Anthony
  5. Derrick Rose
  6. Rajon Rondo
  7. Dwyane Wade
  8. Blake Griffin
  9. Dwight Howard
  10. Chris Paul
  11. Deron Williams
  12. Russell Westbrook
  13. Steve Nash
  14. Paul Pierce
  15. Dirk Nowitzki
How does Durant feel about being the runner up yet again?
"I’ve been second since high school...Second draft pick. Second best player (in the country behind Greg Oden) in high school. Second in MVP voting twice. So I’m over that being second stuff."