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OKC loud links: Tuesday roundup

Today's links at how the Thunder rank in the league after the first 10 games.

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

With enough games under their belts this season, it's finally time to start looking at where they Thunder have improved, and regressed since last year.

By the numbers: OKC Thunder early-season update | News OK

A look at how the Thunder rank compared to the rest of the league thus far.

Oklahoma City Thunder: Assists have become bigger than ever for Thunder | News OK

Kevin Durant's triple double highlights the Thunder raising their assists this year.

Expect a Change in Kevin Durant’s Substitution Pattern | News OK

As the season progresses and wear and tear becomes an issue, expect to see Durant go to the bench a little sooner moving forward.

Thunder 119, Warriors 109 | News OK

Darnelle Mayberry's game notes for the win over the warriors on Sunday.

3-on-3: Taking stock | Daily Thunder

The Daily Thunder's look at the Thunder's first 11 games.

Oklahoma City Thunder notebook: Kevin Martin will remain the sixth man for now | News OK

Scott Brooks is open to the idea of inserting Kevin Martin into the starting lineup, but isn't making a change anytime soon.

The Ever Improving Kevin Durant | Warriors World

Prior to Sunday's game, a Golden State Warriors blog looked at Kevin Durant's improvement this year.

The Oklahoma City Thunder Scores Points By Investing In Fans | Business 2 Community

An interesting look at the business side of the OKC Thunder, and what it means for us fans.