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OKC loud links: Friday roundup

Today we look at the buzz surrounding the Thunder after last night's loss the Spurs.


Friday's link focus on reactions to the Post-Harden Thunder and where to go moving forward.


OKC Falters Late | Daily Thunder

Is the glass half-empty or half-full?

Post-Harden Era Off With A Dud For OKC | ESPN

It's only been one game into the season, but the Russell Westbrook criticisms has already started coming out.

Early season highlights and lowlights | ESPN

Experts seem mixed on their reactions to the post-James Harden Thunder.

CourtVision: The James Harden–Kevin Martin Shot-Chart Comparison | Grantland

Grantland has a fantastic comparison of Kevin Martin and James Harden's shot selection.

Thunder must plan future without Harden after falling to host Spurs | Sports Illustrated

The Thunder showed it missed James Harden, but this new team needs some time to gel.

The 4-Point Play: Without The Beard | CBSSports

A look at how Harden leaving left a void in the OKC offense, and how Kevin Martin can fill it.

Spurs 86, Thunder 84 | News OK

A few notes from Darnell Mayberry on last night's game.