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NBA Power Rankings, Week 3: I have the power!

The Oklahoma City Thunder appears to have recovered from and adjusted to the departure of James Harden, both on the court and in the power rankings. The team's somewhat slow start had some worried, but its recent five-game winning streak has restored the faith of the web's power rankers.


From Around the League:

SB Nation 5 The defense has been fine, but the Thunder offense is just now finding its flow.
ESPN - Hollinger N/A N/A
ESPN - Stein 6 Kevin Martin is shooting well from three, but Russell Westbrook's poor shot selection is making his start slow. - Schuhmann 3 Kevin Martin is filling his bench role nicely, but the team's turnover problems have still not been resolved. - Aldridge N/A N/A
Sports Illustrated N/A N/A
ProBasketballTalk 5 Kevin Martin is making the most of the open looks being on the Thunder gets him.
HoopSpeak N/A N/A
Hoopsworld 6 The Thunder are starting to figure out life after James Harden.
Behind the Basket N/A N/A
FoxSports 12 Adjusting to life without Harden takes time, but Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook are still here.
Covers 3 The Harden hangover is finally ending.
CBS Sports 5 The idea that Westbrook would be bad without Harden is all played out. Also wrong.
Bleacher Report 4 Harden will be missed, but not too much.
Black Sports Online 5 The Thunder are not falling out of contention. They just have to get their chemistry going again.
SheridanHoops N/A N/A
Complex N/A N/A