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Durant, Harden Party the Night Before Rockets Deal

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In this video, Kevin Durant can be seen rapping at a local club while Harden cheers him on. As far as we know, it was their last meeting before the trade.

As we all know, Kevin Durant is a man of the people. From going to a flag football game to visiting local events, Kevin Durant is definitely a down to earth kind of guy who isn't afraid to mix with common folk. So it's no surprise to see him busting raps at local club "The Office" during their Halloween Party. Unfortunately, KD isn't rocking a costume, but nobody else is, either.

And yes, James Harden does make occasional appearances in this video. It was shot on October 26th, which was the night before he was traded to Houston. Westbrook, Ibaka, Perkins, and Maynor were all also at the club and in this video. So this video is basically footage of the last time the Thunder were together before the Harden trade. When you consider the context, it's powerful stuff. I couldn't imagine finding out the next night that one of your best friends is gone, just like that.

Of course, we all should be judging Kevin Durant's first rap appearance since the "Hyperizers" video. But he doesn't really rap. In fact, he hardly speaks. And I'm pretty sure he's just saying the lyrics of a song by the rapper Privaledge. Though I could be wrong. In any case, I can't understand most of what he's saying because it's in this noisy club setting. The video should pretty much be entitled, "KD Smiles, Rocks Back and Forth, and Mumbles". Still, I'm glad to hear that he's discount double checking n----s like he's State Farm.

I appreciate the dude with dreadlocks, who tries to accompany the lyrics with attempts at charades. It culminates in him staring meanly at the camera around the 1:07 mark. I also appreciate the random slow motion retrospective at the end, where the disembodied voice describes Privaledge, KD, and then concludes that they're crazy and go hard.