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OKC loud links: Tuesday roundup

Today's daily OKC Thunder links

We're finally here. Well, almost. The Thunder open up their preseason tomorrow night against the Rockets, so it's time to get locked in and get ready for what should be an outstanding season.

Under the Radar and Dreaming | Daily Thunder

I think that the Lakers hoopla heading into this season helps OKC in two ways - it takes much of the lime light off of them (Skip can harass somebody else for a change) and it also places them in a position where they are still the chaser, which is a much better place to be when you want to reach the Title.

Thunder Season Preview | Basketbawful

Can a devoted Mavericks fan judge the Thunder's prospectives in an even-handed fashion? What do you think?

Previews of the Roundtable: Pacific Division | Hickory High

Levy and the gang take a look at the league's California dichotomy - the Lakers and everyone else over there.

Phil Jackson on LeBron | Sports Radio Interviews

Phil Jackson believes that LeBron James has all of the physical attributes to surpass even Michael Jordan. I wouldn't refute this for one moment. The thing is, there were guys whom Jordan played with that surpassed him physically. What made MJ great wasn't the physical, it was the mental edge he had over everyone.

Heat: Bonding in Beijing | SB Nation

Not a real tweet, but still awesome and semi-believable:

This A.M. the guys gathered in a Four Seasons ballroom to watch Pat Riley eat a human heart. #teambonding

Washington Wizards as Arrested Development | Bullets Forever

Indeed, the Wizards ARE the cornballer of optimism.