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Top 2011-2012 Oklahoma City Thunder .GIFs

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Mitch Kupchak and Mark Cuban sulking. Derek Fisher fist-bumping. Russell Westbrook high-stepping. It's all here!

Bob Donnan-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

One fun thing about following the Oklahoma City Thunder last season was collecting all of the amazing .GIFs that the team put out. Some of them real, some of them not. Either way, here's my absolute favorite .GIFs our team's most recent run.

The Eerie Zoom-In on Mitch Kupchak


I don't know who was working the cameras for TNT that night, but they should get a zillion dollars. That zoom was totally legit. And amazing. When I saw it on TV, I literally couldn't believe my eyes. It was a long, slow, and dramatic zoom that perfectly captured the despair Mitch Kupchak was feeling at that point.

Westbrook Laughs, Mark Cuban Sighs


This .GIF just summarizes how every non-Maverick fan feels about Mark Cuban. He might be nice to have as your team's owner, but it's kind of aggravating to see him feel all triumphant when your team isn't doing too well. And sit on his pile of money. But here, we get to have the last laugh. At least, until he goes back to his pile of money. But still!

Derek Fisher Fist Bumps the TNT Crew


This is the hand of Derek Fisher, fist-bumping everybody who works for TNT while they're on the air. Of course, he never played with Reggie Miller or Steve Kerr, but it was kind of cool just to remind us all just how old Derek Fisher is. By throwing in random fist-bumps. Uh-huh.

Russell Westbrook Makes the Flip Shot, Does the Hater Walk


This one is awesome because of Westbrook fighting through what could have been a flagrant foul, making a shot, and then proceeding to high-step all over the Lakers. It was like he was doing a real version of the classic "Haters Gonna Hate" image.

Russell Westbrook Throws It Down


The ferociousness you get out of Russell Westbrook in this one is hard to deny. This came at the end of a late March-early April 6 game win streak, and towards the end of a stomping of the Eastern Conference-leading Chicago Bulls. At the point this dunk was made, the Thunder just felt unstoppable.

Russell Westbrook Pulls a Carlton


I know! I KNOW! We've heard enough about Westbrook taking too many shots. But whether you agree with the argument or not (I don't), this .GIF is still pretty funny. The "hopeful" face that Westbrook makes is better than Carlton's face in the actual Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episode. And, you've gotta admit, sometimes Westbrook can get a little....out of hand.

What's your favorite .GIF from last season? Let us know in the comments!

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