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OKC loud links: Monday roundup

In today's links, we look around to see what the rest of the sporting world is saying about the James Harden trade.


Today's James Harden news roundup.


Inside look at James Harden's trade to Rockets | Yahoo

A look inside the final days of James Harden's negotiations.

James Harden deal: Good move? | ESPN

Opinions are mixed on if this was a good move or not.

Oklahoma City Thunder: What the James Harden trade means | News OK

A look ahead into what the Thunder will look like after the trade.

OKC Thunder stay true to themselves | ESPN

Saturday's trade shouldn't come as a surprise, given the way the Thunder have built their team

Grade the trade: Thunder trade James Harden to Rockets | Sports Illustrated

Ben Golliver gives the Thunder a B+, The Rockets an A- and James Harden himself a B.

As devastated as James Harden might be, the former Thunder star is getting the money he wanted | News OK

It looks as if Harden may have tried to call Presti's bluff about trading him.

NBA players react to James Harden trade | ESPN

Players around the league were shocked by the trade.

Harden trade marks end of well-cultivated era in Oklahoma City | Sports Illustrated

Lee Jenkins seems to think "The Thunder essentially created the NBA's dream house -- and then tore up the kitchen so they could try again."

Kevin Martin has been one of NBA's most efficient offensive players | News OK

A look at one of the newest Thunder and what he can bring this year.

Jeremy Lamb now youngest player on the team | News OK

Sizing up the other player the Thunder got on Saturday, the talented Jeremy Lamb.

Eric Maynor Headed For Restricted Free Agency | News OK

Presti does not plan on offering Eric Maynor an extension. This shouldn't be too much of a surprise as the backup PG is coming over a major injury.

Thunder waive Rautins, Orton and Thompson | Daily Thunder

Overshadowed by the Trade, DeAndre Liggins looks to have won a spot on the roster this season.