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OKC loud links: Friday roundup

Here are Friday's collection of links.


Various and sundry.


Lessons from Preseason | Daily Thunder

Young offers up his take on what we've learned over these past few weeks.

BDL's OKC Thunder Season Preview | Ball Don't Lie

What should make you excited, what should make you scared.

Promote the Myth of David Stern | Yahoo! Sports

There will be a lot of commentaries about David Stern now that he has announced his transition out of the commissionership. Woj doesn't hold anything back here.

Stern Talks About His Legacy | Sports Illustrated

Golliver listened in on Stern's annual conference call and provides the commentary that will likely be analyzed for a while as the NBA takes a new leadership direction.

5 Things to Hope For From the New Commissioner | Sports Illustrated

Adam Silver is going to be the new man in charge. Here is a wish list for him.

Adam Silver's Wiki Page Vandalized | SB Nation

Internet people, doing Internet things.

HoopSpeak Live | HoopSpeak

The gang interviews Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus. Always a must-listen.

Kobe Loves "Sex and the City" | Ball Don't Lie

Darn write I'm going to take this one out of context. Over and over again.

The NBA Anti-Awards | Hickory High

These Awards recognize some of the worst and most discouraging on-court achievements. Here’s how they may shake out this year.

The NBA-Anti-Anti-Wawards | Hickory High

Sheesh, guys.

How Roy Hibbert Wins the Internet | Mashable

Does Roy Hibbert have a good shoe deal? Seriously, this guy is a gold mine of untapped advertising potential.