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OKC loud links: Monday roundup

A new week is upon us, and the Thunder starting 5 are finally on the court together.


The Thunder finally have all of their players healthy and their performance was on display last night against the Nuggets. Offense - good. Defense - ermmm...


Post Game Nuggets | NewsOK

Mayberry has high praise for the way both Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook continue to grow as playmakers, consistently playing at the right pace and making good decisions.

James Harden's Harry Situation | ESPN

Stein and I are in agreement on what is going to happen with Harden.

Ray Allen: Boo the Celtics, Not Me | Sports Illustrated

Ray Allen is right, of course. Boston did not do right by him last season, frequently dangling him in trade rumors before removing him from the starting lineup. Of course none of that will matter for the Celtics faithful.

The Bad News About the Spurs | Wages of Wins

Last season's Spurs team had one of the most beautiful offenses I've seen in a long time, which made OKC's upset of the Spurs all the more impressive. Can San Antonio serve up a repeat performance, or is age going to do them in?

Western Conference Preview | Hardwood Hype

One match-up this season that I can't wait to see is the first time Zach Randolph and Marc Gasol lock horns with Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol.

Valuing the Preseason | Basketball Prospectus

What do you look for when you watch a Thunder preseason game? I know, that's silly. You don't watch anything because the TV networks won't air them on television.

Northwest Division Preview | Behind the Basket

Thunder are the cream of the crop, but they still have areas in which they must improve.

Where Do You Fantasy? | Hickory High front of my computer?


Thunder fans are the best.