Russell Westbrook to Jordan Brand



Last season, Kevin Durant and his running-mate in Russell Westbrook took the league by storm in terms of fashion. I remember him wearing his gray shirt with paint splotches and his weird colored pants? And lets not forget about those red glasses! And what is really funny is that he NEVER had lenses in the glasses. So I am guessing that he was trying to portray Steve Urkel or any other nerd.

Well sometime last week, Russell Westbrook finally signed with Jordan Brand. There were rumors stating that he would be signing with Adidas later on this week. Westbrook denied the rumors. He said that they were an "option", but they were nowhere close in his decision.

Now that he is with Jordan, he will have his own line of customized specs to wear. The specs were part of his contract deal with Jordan.

It should be very interesting to see what outfit he throws in with the new glasses, and if the glasses will ever hit retail.

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