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How to paint Kevin Durant: Day 3

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OKC artist W. Bennett Berry keeps on painting in today, Day 3. We have an elbow.

W. Bennett Berry

Our man and feature artist W. Bennett Berry sent in a few more images for us to study during this weekend. His whereabouts were unknown (50-50 odds that he was either hanging out at Clooney's Italian villa or sitting in his basement watching Downton Abbey reruns). One interesting thing of note is that Bennett is a featured artist for Liquitex painting products, so if you're in the market for paints, pick some of that up.

Today's update for his progress on his Kevin Durant portrait focuses on the work he had previously offered up, along with progress on Durant's shoulder and elbow.


Without Bennett to offer up his professional commentary, you're left with me.

So, um...check out that painting stuff. It's dark brown, I think.


I am guessing that Bennett was strongly influenced by either some more Caravaggio (nice elbow!):


Or perhaps Mary GrandPre.


While he's contemplating elbows, he's rocking out to this epic playlist:


Whatever it is, it is working:


Stay tuned for Day 4.


Be sure to check out the rest of Bennett's Thunder Artwork.