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OKC Loud Links: Thursday roundup

Here are today's roundup of links to give you an update to all the goings-on around the NBA.

The Thunder kicked off their preseason last night with a 107-105 loss to the Rockets. Don't let the loss concern you though; the preseason is all about experimentation. Russell Westbrook scored 19 points in 16 minutes and probably could have scored another 20 if he wanted to. Rather, this time is about figuring out how the Thunder role players are going to shape up when the real season begins.

Post Game Nuggets | NewsOK

The Thunder wasted no time going to Westbrook down low. And it was a thing of beauty. Quick, name the point guards who can handle Westbrook on the block. I’ll bet Jeremy Lin isn’t one of them.

Five Thoughts on Thunder's Preseason Opener | Daily Thunder

Not too bad, Cole, but bad, bad beard.

Baby Steps for Thunder Backups | NewsOK

Mayberry writes that Cole Aldrich wasn't great, but he wasn't terrible. He's going to get the minutes he needs, now is his time to step up.

Rockets Recap | The Dream Shake

Terrence Jones had an outstanding debut last night. There's a lot to like about this fella.

Is There a Cost to Offensive Rebounds? | Wages of Wins

Yesterday's post by Henry Abbott has sparked an interesting debate about the cost-benefit analysis of being a great offensive rebounding team. Here is WoW's entry into the foray.

Why Good Defenses Don't Go for Offensive Rebounds | HoopSpeak

Mason's argument can be condensed into a simple picture.

Preview of the Roundtable: Central Division | Hickory High

Levy continues his roundtable discussion, previewing the central division today.

Rasheed Wallace: Coming Back to Teach Ya'll How to Post Players Really Need to Play | Ball Don't Lie

A little bit of 'Sheed goes a long way, but just keep in mind that by the end of his career, Rasheed Wallace seldom wanted to do anything other than hoist 5 3-pointers a game.

Kobe: Smush Parker is the Worst | Ball Don't Lie

Harsh words about a guy who once combined with Kobe Bryant to score 94 points in a single game.