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OKC loud links

Daily news and links from around the web that offer you the latest on all that is going on with the Thunder and the NBA.

Today we're introducing another feature that you've probably seen if you've visited some of the other SB Nation sites. Instead of having a daily link dump, we're going to create an aggregation in this post, called a story stream, that keeps all of the updated news together. If you would like a primer on how streams work, check out Evan Dunlap's excellent explanation of the many advantages of streams HERE.

Practice Report: The Preseason is Upon Us | NewsOK

This shouldn't be a surprise, but if you're going to tune in, make sure you get to watch the first half because Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook will likely be sitting for all of the second half.

Western Conference Preview | Sports Illustrated

Chris Mannix runs through the West and gives us his take on how the season should play out.

Offensive Rebounds Come With a Cost | ESPN

Abbott reveals what we already know - the Thunder are not a good offensive rebounding team. Here is the tradeoff though - in order to be good at the offensive rebounding end, you have to be willing to be a poorer transition defensive team. Which would you take?

Style Points for Rondo | Boston Herald

Fashion is the new old thing for NBA stars. While icons like Walt Frazier still roam the halls of MSG, new blood like Russell Westbrook and now Rajon Rondo are invading the fashion world by storm.

Jason Terry Making a Good First Impression | Ball Don't Lie

Good one, Jason Terry.

Garnett No Longer on Roaring Terms With Allen | The Onion

Please note the source.