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OKC Loud Links: NBA heating up

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OKC daily links

The's coming. On the first of October, a noticeable energy has finally returned to the forefront. Hizzah.


NBA 3-on-3 Tournament | SB Nation


SB Nation Free Agency Stream 2012

Stay on top of all player movement and rumors by checking out SB Nation's stream throughout the day.


James Harden Confident He'll Get Extension | Daily Thunder

Do you think this will quell the negative speculation? Nah.

Injured Stars Dim Optimism |

The best nine months of the year begin today.

Amen, Mr. Aldridge. Amen.

NBA's Top Pinch Post Players | HoopSpeak

Mason nails it here - Kevin Durant has the potential to be a ridiculously dominant player out of the pinch post, which is what we often refer to as the top of the key. However, only recently has the Thunder begun to use him there.

Northwest Preview | Hickory High

Lots of good stuff in here and no shortage of OKC love, but the one guy who has the big 'X' mark on him heading into this season is the bearded one, James Harden.

Welcome Back, Power Rankings | ESPN

I kind of like the fact that the Lakers are the de facto best team in the West. It will make their tears of disappointment all the more sweet.

The Nuggets Have New Alternate Uniforms and...Hoooo Boy | Denver Stiffs


Lakers Starting Five Photo | Ball Don't Lie

Featuring four super-sized men and Bill Nye, the Science Guy.

Two Media Photos That Explain the NBA | SB Nation

Yeah, that just about sums it up.

LeBron James Didn't Cry | Sports Radio Interviews

I like it when LeBron James just allows himself to be honest.

Interview With Cuban | Sports Radio Interviews

Mark Cuban clarifies that because he's pro-Seattle, that does not make him anti-OKC. Well, except when the Thunder are sweeping him out of the playoffs.