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OKC Loud Links: Two Rockets Coming Up

The Thunder invite the Houston Rockets to the Chesapeake Arena tonight and then will reverse roles with a second game tomorrow night in Houston. Some of the Thunder's offensive and defensive struggles returned in the past two games, so the team will be looking to right the ship quickly against the struggling Rockets.

What Happened In Thunder's Two Losses? | Daily Thunder

Interestingly, the Thunder lost the last two games while finally getting their turnover problems under control.

Closer Look at Ibaka's Blocked Shots | NewsOK

Mayberry writes that Serge Ibaka is still blocking shots this season, but a lack of discipline and awareness has resulted in those blocks ending back in the hands of the opposing team.

Charles Barkley Knows a Scam When He Sees One | Deadspin

Count me in the group of people who think that TV broadcasting would be a thousand times more interesting if they let their crew talk honestly about what they were watching. Nothing against the Hawks, but they just lost to a Heat team that was missing both LeBron James AND Dwyane Wade.

Gerald Wallace Key in Portland's Defeat of Lakers | CBS Sports

The Trail Blazers are putting the rest of the league on notice. With an upgrade at the point position (Raymond Felton) and a full year of Gerald Wallace, they are proving to be one of the most balanced and dynamic teams in the NBA. I just wish the Thunder didn't have to wait a whole month to play them again.

Isiah Thomas Not Thrilled With Tyson Chandler | CBS Sports

Argue this one whichever way you want, but my question is, why is Isiah Thomas still involved with the Knicks?

Is DeMarcus Cousins a Star? | Wages of Wins

This is good analysis, and also underscores the importance of good structure and coaching for young players.

Miami Heat - Bringing the D | NBA Playbook

The Miami Heat have a devastating defensive scheme that maximizes the athleticism of their elite players. It reminds me of the 1996 Chicago Bulls and the 2000 LA Lakers. This style of play is not out of the reach of the Thunder, either.

Bawful After Dark | Basketbawful

If that last picture of Flip Saunders doesn't scream, "Wizards coach," I don't know what does.

Kevin Garnett Still the X-Factor, Still Kind of Crazy | Ball Don't Lie

Also, brutally honest in his assessment of himself.

More links after the jump.

Roy Hibbert Interview | Sports Radio Interviews

This radio interview with Pacers center Roy Hibbert almost instantly makes me of fan of him.

Gallo Moves Inward | Hardwood Paroxysm

Denver Nuggets forward Danilo Gallinari came into the league as a 3-point gunner, but over time has developed a game that works closer to the rim. I would like to see Kevin Durant's progression in this area in a similar way.

McGrady Says McGrady Got in the Way of Practice Habits | Ball Don't Lie

Tracy McGrady for a time was neck and neck with Kobe Bryant as the future star of the league, and then his body and practice habits betrayed him. I kind of wish he was dressed in Thunder colors this season; he would have been a great backup for Durant.

Andray Blatche Gets Called For Goaltending...a Free Throw | SB Nation

Andray Blatche, doing Andray Blatche things.

Kings Sign Keith Smart for Two Years | CBS Sports

Paul Westphal is out, Keith Smart is in, a year after Smart went 36-46 as an interim coach.