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OKC Morning Loud Links: Showdown in the Other LA

The Thunder travel to Los Angeles tonight to take on the new and improved Chris Paul-led Clippers. The Clippers just came off of an impressive win against the Denver Nuggets last night, and so while they may be a bit weary from that ordeal, they still know that they can compete with any team in any style of play. The game will be a great test to see how the Thunder stack up against a sudden playoff contender.

OKC Gets Crack at "Lob City" | NewsOK

Rohde takes a look at the new-look Clippers and how Paul has transformed the franchise.

"He can make a lot of players better...I probably could have played in the backcourt with him and there would have been a lot of open jump shots for me." - Scott Brooks

Thunderground Radio: Deep Thoughts | Daily Thunder

Check out DT's most recent podcast, where they delve into some of the pressing issues for the Thunder, including what is going on with all the turnovers.

NBA VP Stu Jackson On Why Free Throws are Down | Sports Illustrated

Lowe gets a great interview with Stu Jackson to discuss the free throw statistics we're seeing this season. Last season, the Thunder lived at the free throw line, but have seen their attempts go down this season. Consider Kevin Durant's career statistics on their own - you can see he has been on a steady decline in the past two years.

Laker & Clipper Offense Breakdown | BBall Breakdown

Coach Nick takes a look at the two LA teams, one of which the Thunder will face tonight.

You Gotta Have Some White Friends | SB Nation

Jared Dudley, crossing interracial lines.

Deep Pivot | Hardwood Paroxysm

How many legitimate centers are there in the NBA today?

LeBron James Rides a Bike | SB Nation

LeBron James is just a regular guy riding his bike to work.

LeBron James Does the Extraordinary, Makes it Look Mundane | Ball Don't Lie

LeBron is not just a regular guy.

In a way, it is sort of like trying to get your mind around what the number "one billion" might look like.

Jayson Williams, Moses of Rikers | NY Post

Former Nets player Jayson Williams once lived in the excesses of the wealthy lifestyle. Then he accidentally killed a man. This is an interesting account of how Williams is coming to understand what redemption means.