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Oklahoma City Thunder vs Golden State Warriors, Game #19 Video Highlights

The Thunder defeated the Warriors last night in a tribute to the summer league games that we enjoyed this past year. It was one of those "defense optional" type events that I'm sure drives coaches crazy, but to be honest, as a fan is kind of fun. To be sure it is always nice to watch playoff-style, intense defensive efforts, but during the regular season there are times when two offensive teams just get out and let the shots fly.

The game proved to be the Thunder's high point total for the year and the box score was stuffed with stats. Most important to the win though was the fact that the Thunder did not get beaten on the offensive boards, which limited the Warriors' chances to stay in the game. As much fun as it was to see Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook dominate offensively, Serge Ibaka's 8 offensive rebounds were just as critical to the team's ultimate victory.