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OKC Morning Loud Links: Offensive Test Tonight

Tonight the Thunder travel to Golden State to take on the struggling yet dangerous Warriors. While the Warriors are still plagued with a lot of the issues they've had in the past, despite new coach Mark Jackson's defensive focus, the fact remains that they have beaten the Bulls, Heat, and Trail Blazers this season. It will be a tough road game for the Thunder.

Thunder Hits the Road | NewsOK

The Thunder have been a very good road team this year, sporting a 7-2 record away from the 'Peake.

Would KD Restructure His Contract? | Daily Thunder

Even if KD wanted to do it, he couldn’t do it. But would he if he could?

Draft Extension Winners and Losers | CBS Sports

Russell Westbrook receives his fair share of criticism, but Golliver imagines a world where he went to Miami or Memphis, and OKC wound up with D.J. Augustin. Now how do you feel about Russ?

Which Teams Did Best IN Terms of Extensions | Wages of Wins

WoW evaluates how the teams, rather than the players, made out with their extension announcements this past week.

Kevin Garnett: Passionate, Competitive, Insane | CBS Sports

If ever you need to help somebody understand the idea of Kevin Garnett, just show them this interview. Wooo. I forgot I was writing a post. Go ahead.

HoopSpeak Live #34: The Clips | HoopSpeak

Heck out the HS guys' latest live chat, as they invite SB Nation's own Mike Prada into their virtual studio to rap about life in DC-land.

Memphis Grizzlies Throwbacks Are...Interesting | SB Nation

I get that it was throwback night, but if I were the Grizzlies, who have no ABA ties at all that I know of, I think I would have just made up something. Anything better than this visual, which is now giving me a headache.

Tony Parker Says Popovich Calmer Because of Wine | Ball Don't Lie

That's as good a reason as any, I suppose.

Pacers Will Reimburse High School for Five Seconds of Awesome | 8 Points, 9 Seconds

Pacers mascot Boomer was loaned out to a local high school, where he was set to do some monster slams. Now we know that Boomer and Daryl Dawkins can be mentioned in the same sentence.

Pam McGee Angling for Assistant Coach Role | SB Nation

JaVale McGee's mom is delightful.

Kyrie Irving Entering Chris Paul Territory | NBA Playbook

Say what? Check it out and you be the judge.